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The Great Humanity Healthcare Foundation is very simple, its elegance is its simplicity.

  • Recipients must have compliant health insurance as primary insurance.  The insurance can be purchased privately, it can be employer-sponsored. Medicaid recipients are not eligible, since the costs are covered by the government. The exception to this is if a person has a monthly deductible under Medicaid guidelines (otherwise known as Medicaid spenddown).
  • Submisssion requirements:
    • You will be required to submit evidence of the amount that you currently owe to healthcare providers. This can include physicians, diagnostic service providers, hospitals. The cost of custodial care (cleaning, cooking) is beyond the scope of the Great Humanity Healthcare Foundation.
    • Assistance will be granted on “means” basis, which means that your household net worth will be estimated. You will be required to submit a copy of the last three years of tax forms.
    • Based on financial means, direct financial payments will be made to healthcare providers. If possible, the GHHF will negotiate the balance due, and obtain evidence of receipt of those funds, as well as a statement of the remaining balance.