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The Great Humanity Healthcare Foundation (GHHF)

The Great Humanity Healthcare Foundation, Inc (GHHF) is a 501(c)(3) organization. Recipients of funds will be individuals and families who have health insurance but cannot afford to pay the direct costs of the healthcare that they require.

Why Start The GHHF?

It’s devastating that 60% of household bankruptcies are due to healthcare costs, not due to credit card or mortgage-related debt. 

Because of their financial distress, people avoid getting medical attention they require and end up making their health situation worse. Often times, these individuals don’t have the flexibility to spend on goods and services because they are afraid of how to pay for their medical bills. Then there are healthcare providers sitting with losses and being forced to deploy collection agencies to collect overdue bills, which can make future borrowing impossible by the patient.

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Who Will Benefit From


The funds will be distributed to people who apply for assistance, who have health insurance, and who cannot afford to pay their deductibles and copays.

Local Businesses Will Benefit

People worried about paying for healthcare reduce their spending on everything else. That means food, entertainment, travel, school supplies… everything. When a person or family receives assistance from the GHHF, it will allow them to purchase other items that they need.

Healthcare Providers Will Benefit

One reason that healthcare costs are so high is that healthcare providers have little idea who has the ability to pay, and who is insured, in advance. Healthcare providers have taken an oath, but when patients cannot pay, healthcare providers face losses. In turn, those losses are passed to someone else, who has the ability to pay, or is insured in advance. The GHHF funds will be sent directly to healthcare providers on behalf of the recipients.

How Will Recipients Be Chosen?

Most importantly, the GHHF requires recipients to have health insurance. This line in the sand is drawn because there will need to be evidence that applicants have done everything in their power to stay on top of healthcare costs. The GHHF anticipates that there will be many more applicants than funds: the financial challenges described pose a challenge to every single community.

The only way to concretely eliminate the free-rider effect is through verification that the person or family has health insurance. This means that Medicaid beneficiaries will be ineligible, because they are receiving all of their healthcare benefits at zero financial cost.

The requirement for recipients to have health insurance, either privately purchased or through an employer, will allow the GHHF to also have evidence of the amount of financial distress being experienced by the applicants and recipients of assistance.

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